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The Complete Guide to Online Parental Controls

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up parental controls on almost any device.

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The Complete Guide to Online Parental Controls

Keeping children safe in an increasingly digital world is a difficult task for any parent. Without the proper controls, kids can be exposed to a number of threats while taking part in activities online. In 2019, the FBI estimated that an average of 625,000 sexual predators are active online every single day. Equally as terrifying, identity thieves specifically target millions of children each year. However your child spends time online, it’s important to set up appropriate parental restrictions to protect them. While these controls can never be 100% effective, they allow you to monitor your children’s digital habits and stop cybercriminals from ever contacting them.

With an ever growing list of devices and apps children use, it can be very time-consuming to try and figure out how to secure them all. This article will provide you with the ultimate list of instructions for each device and online platform so you can shield your children from harm quickly and effectively.


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Hide Inappropriate Content on Popular Streaming Services


Netflix is one of the few streaming platforms that allows extensive restrictions to be applied to underage profiles. The first step for controlling what shows are available to your children is to create their accounts using the Netflix Kids option. This can be turned on by ticking the “Kids” option when setting up a regular account.

Netflix Kids automatically restricts inappropriate content