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The Parenting with Focus Video Course is a Christian video series that teaches parents how to biblically train up their children. It’s perfect for church classes or small groups. Also included in this well-researched series is the latest data on the impact of screen time on children, and what parents can do to prevent harmful effects. Topics include:

  • Training Your Child’s Behavior
  • Training Your Child’s Heart
  • First-time Obedience
  • Consequences
  • Children & Screen Time
  • Structured Routines
  • Chores and Wise Money Management


Materials Needed for Parenting Class:

  1. Parenting with Focus Video Course
  2. Facilitator's Guide
  3. Parenting with Focus book for each participant  (available as paperback, eBook, & audiobook.)


Please Note:

  • Allow 2 to 3 weeks to receive paperback books for parenting class.
  • Click here to watch a Sample Session and learn more about the vidoe course.

Parenting with Focus Video Course

  • *This is a pdf document with playable or downloadable video links.

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