Parenting with Focus Video Course

The Parenting with Focus Video Course is a Christian video series that teaches parents how to biblically train up their children. It’s perfect for church classes or small groups. The course is designed to be easy to facilitate. Each session includes a 12-15 minute teaching video, and group discussion questions for participants to fellowship and share parenting ideas.


Based on the book, Parenting with Focus, this video series instructs parents how to raise their children with Christian discipline and instruction. (Ephesians 6:4) Also included in this well-researched course is the latest data on the impact of screen time on children, and what parents can do to prevent harmful effects. Topics include:


Session 1:

  • Train Up a Child


Session 2:

  • Training Your Child’s Heart

  • Instilling Virtues


Session 3:

  • First-time Obedience

Session 4:

  • Consequences


Session 5:

  • Children and Screen Time


Session 6:

  • Getting Your Child in a Structured Routine


Bonus Session 7:

  • Getting Your Child to Do Chores

  • Training Your Child to Manage Earned-Allowance
    Wisely by Budgeting and Tithing

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Just Released 2021

Hear what Dr. Jon Chasteen, Sr. Pastor of Victory Church OKC and President of The King's University in Dallas, Texas has to say about the Parenting with Focus Video Course.

Materials Needed:

Materials Needed for Facilitator:

  1. The videos: Parenting with Focus Video Course 

  2. The book: Parenting with Focus (Available in eBook. Paperback and audiobook.)

  3. The Facilitator’s Guide (FREE)

  4. Optional book for Bonus Video: Rubric Rules: A Cleaning System for Kids


Materials Needed for Participants:

  1. The book: Parenting with Focus

  2. Optional book for Bonus Video: Rubric Rules: A Cleaning System for Kids

About the Course:

This 6 or 7 session Christian parenting video course is designed for parents with children of all ages—infants to teenagers. It can be taught as an evening adult class, bible study, Sunday School class, or small-group home study. It is adaptable for small or large groups.


This course can be presented in two formats:

  1. Seven 1-Hour Sessions (Includes Bonus Video)

  2. Six 1-Hour Sessions (Does not include time for Bonus Video unless you watch two videos in the last session.)

Total Session Time: 1 Hour

  1. Welcome, Introduction, and Prayer: 5 minutes

  2. Video Segment: Approximately 12 - 15 minutes

  3. Small Group Discussion: 30 minutes (Discussion questions are in the Parenting with Focus book.

  4. Questions and Closing Statements: 5 minutes.​

Want to watch a sample session? Here’s Session 2 of the Parenting with Focus Video Course.

Topic: How to Train Your Child’s Heart


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