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The ultimate guide to biblical child training. Learn how to train up your child in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Featuring a unique technique called “Training Sessions,” this practical guide will teach parents how to intentionally train their children’s behavior and their hearts. Also included in this well-researched book is the latest data on the impact of screen time on children, and what parents can do to prevent harmful effects.


This book can be read alone or used as part of a Christian parenting class. The book includes group discussion questions and goes with the Parenting with Focus Video Course. Other topics include:


Love as the Foundation, Baby & Toddler Training, Smartphones, First-Time Obedience, Consequences, Instilling Virtues, Structured Routines, The Out-of-Control Child, Consistency, Common Discipline Mistakes.

Parenting with Focus Audiobook

  • Type of file: MP3

    Listening Length:  5 hours and 35 minutes

    Size: 306 MB

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