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Remote Working with Infants and Toddlers: A Survival Guide

Photo by Unsplash

Guest article from Janice Russell at

This past year, parents have had to make many changes and adjustments to their family life and work life. With more than a 44 percent increase in employees shifting to remote work while many daycares and schools shut down, some parents find themselves in a challenging situation: working from home with their children.

For some kids, this isn’t much of a headache. Older kids and teens are often in virtual school and are able to work independently for long stretches of time. But infants and toddlers are different. And, as many parents can attest, they are also more demanding.

Are you struggling with balancing remote work and parenting? You are not alone. Here is a quick and dirty survival guide from Parenting with Focus to help you manage these long days at work and at home.

Babywearing at a standing desk