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Teaching Kids Wisdom

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

There’s a big difference between being intelligent and being wise. Lots of incredibly smart people lack wisdom, which causes them to make foolish life decisions. Find out what wisdom is and what you can do to instill it in your children.

This is an excerpt from the book Parenting with Focus.

Have you ever known anyone who was incredibly intelligent, yet made constant foolish decisions? They lacked wisdom, and wisdom is imperative to live a blessed and successful life.

Basically, wisdom is knowing what is right, and doing it. It goes beyond knowledge and information. Wisdom is the ability to make good decisions, and live life well. Joyce Meyer defines wisdom as doing now what you’ll be happy with later. Meyer goes on to say that wisdom is not doing now what you feel like doing and hoping it won’t cause a problem. Instead, it's doing what is right whether you feel like it or not.

Unfortunately, wisdom is not innate. Instead, wisdom must be actively acquired and pursued. And one of the best places to learn about wisdom is in the book of Proverbs in the Bible.

Proverbs is known as the book of wisdom. It was written by King Solomon, who was considered the wisest man on earth. He wrote these proverbs as a manual for living a good life.

Reading a chapter of Proverbs to your children every day will put this wisdom in their hearts and minds. I started reading Pro