We’re Raising Our Children All Wrong

Find out why modern parenting experts have been so wrong, and what we as a nation can do to correct the problem.

Our leaders are corrupt. Our culture is depraved; and our parents are struggling. How did we get in this mess? Why do we have so many people who have no compunction about lying, stealing, and cheating? I believe it’s partially a result of bad parenting advice.

For the past 70 plus years, Americans have looked to the “experts” for advice about raising their children. And I think most of us have witnessed by now, experts are wrong … a lot.

I first realized experts were full of nonsense as a teacher. I was constantly attending conferences led by “experts” who had the latest, science-based data to improve learning. More often than not, my common sense told me their new teaching idea was nonsensical. More often than not, I was proven correct.

Some of my favorite examples of educational debacles are Open Classrooms and Whole Language. Each concept was touted by the “experts” as scientific and based on research. Each one was a disaster. Open classrooms were popular in the 1970s, and were schools with no walls, supposedly to encourage group learning with teachers as facilitators. It was, as you can imagine, not a good idea. It was noisy, distracting, and both the students and the teachers hated it. So after spending millions of dollars tearing down walls in schools, a few years later, we had to spend millions of dollars constructing new walls. Brilliant!

We also had the ill-fated Whole Language of the 1980s and ‘90s. Whole Language was a method of teaching reading with the premise that learning to read came naturally to children, just like learning to speak. Again, we spent millions of dollars implementing Whole Language; but shockingly enough, it was an utter failure!

I’ve gone to conferences where “experts” told teachers not to have students memorize math facts or sing the alphabet song. Oh, and how they mocked phonics. What foolishness!

I also learned that there was a lot of lying going on in educational research. One year in the school where I was teaching, one of our administrators was conducting a research study for her doctorate. Our staff had to implement a positive discipline program that used no consequences. Instead, we were to resolve any disciplinary problems with daily class meetings. We were encouraged to talk it out instead of using any type of consequence. It was a fiasco. One teacher actually quit the week of Halloween because her students were so out of control. Yet, our administrator wrote her research study as a huge success. Nothing could have been further from the truth.