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Teach Your Kids to Budget

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Get your kids into the lifetime habit of managing money wisely with Budget Jars.

Get your kids into the lifetime habit of managing money wisely with Budget Jars. Budget Jars teach kids the skill of budgeting. The basic principle is that every time they get money, they can’t spend it all. Instead, they divide their money into categories, like giving, savings, and spending.

Each time your children receive money, have them divide it into the following four categories:

  • Give 10% (For tithe or charity)

  • Short-Term Savings 20% (For nonessential items such as candy, toys, movies, and frivolous accessories)

  • Long-Term Savings 20% (This is money that should go into a bank account and be saved for something big like a car or college)

  • Spend 50%

If your children are young, count out the money and figure out the percentages for them. Then, let them put the correct amount into each jar.

However, once your children reach school age, teach them how to count the money for themselves. As a former school teacher, I can assure you kids need lots of practice to learn the skill of counting money! Plus, practicing counting money is a great way to learn how to add and subtract in your head!)

To figure out the percentages, multiply the percentage with the total amount of money. For example, 10% of $5.00 is 10 x 5 = 50. Ten percent of $5.00 is 50 cents.

In the beginning, allow your kids to use a calculator if needed. But as they get older, teach them how to figure out percentages in their head. (A great skill to know!)

I did this with my boys starting at age 4. They're 27 now and they still responsibly budget their money.


To learn all about teaching your kids to manage money wisely, get Rubric Rules: A Cleaning System for Kids. These cleaning rubrics incorporate an Earned Allowance for kids to practice budgeting money. And get the Budget Jars at our online store..

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