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30 Ways for Kids to Earn Money

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Want your kids to be successful in life? Then teach them to work. Find out 30 ways your kids can earn money.

If you want your children to be successful in life, teach them to work!  Learning how to work hard and manage the money they earn is essential to becoming a successful adult.  In my book Rubric Rules: A Cleaning System for Kids, I explain how teaching your children to work and manage their money responsibly is one of the best things you can do to build character.

So how can a youngster earn money?  My twin boys started their first business when they were twelve.  It was called The Pooper Scoopers.  They passed out flyers throughout our neighborhood stating they would pick up dog poop, dog walk, and pet sit.  Originally, they got one customer.  They made $10 a week for picking up the dog poop three times a week.  It took them about ten minutes each time.  Not bad money for a twelve year old.  Within six months, they had two customers. Then they got a job walking two dogs.  For the next five years, they got paid $65 a month for walking the dogs three times a week.

When they turned 13, they started their own lawn business called Twin Lawn Care.  Every spring and fall they would pass out hundreds of flyers in our neighborhood stating they would mow, clean out flowerbeds, rake leaves, shovel snow, and do miscellaneous labor.  The first year, they had two customers.  The next year, they got two more customers.  In addition, people started calling them for one time miscellaneous jobs.  Each year, they got more and more customers.  Whenever a customer would ask how much they charged, they would always answer with, “Pay us whatever you think is fair.”  Their customers ALWAYS paid more than they would have asked